The Callaway upro mx+ defines the next generation of golf GPS devices by giving you the most impressive user experience in the game. The device breaks new ground with its multi-gesture touchscreen, and with a simple finger swipe you can easily navigate the advanced features like never before.

upro mx+ images are simulated. upro mx+ not available in all areas.
Your uPro requires new software in order for
you to add courses and manage it. Update to 4.0 now
The most powerful GPS in golf is now more powerful
Version 4.0 of Callaway uPro software enhances the main menu, provides easier navigation, and optimized battery life. For ProMODE users, we have included an auto-layup feature, the ability to use the Mark Shot function while in ProMODE, and additional yardage points in the fairways. In addition, Virtual Green View, which has been exclusive to the uPro GO, will now be available on the uPro.
  • Updated Main Menu provides easier navigation. 4 options, Play Golf, Settings, Preview, and Intro Videos.
  • Hole number is displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Mark Shot Function is displayed in the top right corner.
  • Virtual Green View is a virtual rendering of the green complex,and shows the green and surrounding area.
  • Additional yardage points in the fairways give distances to the top, middle, and bottom of the screen.
Callaway uPro 4.0 update in progress
The uPro 4.0 software update is a Java application. It should begin
automatically downloading and will launch in a few seconds.
You will see a dialog box that
looks like this. Click on OK.
Using Mac OS X?
Don't see a dialog box?
Do you have a pop-up blocker?
If you see an icon like this, click it and select Download to allow the Java application to download, and then wait for the dialog box.
Still won't launch?
Callaway upro mx+
upro mx+ images are simulated.
upro mx+ not available in all areas
The only device with ProMode featuring actual aerial imagery, providing the most realistic view of each hole.
Loaded with features, yet simple and easy to use.
Feature Highlights:

  • Preloaded* with 25,000 courses and ready to use right out of the box
  • No annual fees or subscriptions** (unlimited ProMode course downloads)
  • Color touch screen with finger navigation for pinpoint accuracy and precise control
  • ProMode offers actual aerial imagery providing a realistic view of each hole
  • Aerial video flyover provides a unique bird's eye view of each hole using actual aerial imagery
  • AnyPoint Technology helps you plan your next shot, showing yardage to any target you select and the yardage left from your target to the green
  • Digital scorecard allows you to keep track of your score and basic golf stats like fairways, greens and putts during each round
  • Callaway uxplore site helps you manage your device by allowing you to download ProMode courses, upload your scores and view and track your stats for each round, providing you more insight into your game
*Preloaded with BasicMode and GoMode.
**If you have purchased the new upro mx+, you can access ProMode for free. If you have an earlier version of upro or upro mx, click the link below to see the pricing list to upgrade your device with ProMode.
Learn about ProMode pricing upro mx+ Quick Start Guide

Features actual aerial photography (not renderings) of the entire hole with precise yardage to hazards and key points selected, providing you with a realistic view of each hole. In this mode you can pan the entire hole with the swipe of a finger and zoom in and out to see more or less detail.

ProMode includes two features, aerial video flyover and AnyPoint Technology which provide you with detailed insight that allows you to plan each shot.
Aerial Video Flyover allows you to preview each hole layout and hidden hazards from a unique bird?s eye perspective using actual aerial imagery.
AnyPoint® Technology helps you plan your next shot, showing yardage to any target you select and the yardage left from your target to the green.

Preloaded on the device, GoMode features renderings of the green and nearby hazards.

Renderings of the green and its surrounding area are shown in vivid detail with precise distances to the front, middle, and back of the green along with nearby hazards. You can also utilize our AnyPoint Technology to measure the precise distance to any location you select on the green.

Preloaded on the device, BasicMode provides the yardage to the green or hazards on each hole.
View precise yardage information in large font to the front, middle and back of the green. The yardage information to each hazard is shown in order of which hazards are closest to you.

Digital Scorecard
Keep track of your score and basic stats like fairways, greens and putts during each round.

Callaway uxplore™ site
Manage your device:

  • Download courses
  • Preview course layout
  • Online support
See your game in more detail:

  • Upload and track your scores
  • View your stats and analyze your game for each round played

See More. Know More.
The perfect combination of performance and accuracy you can see
The upro mx+ utilizes state of the art electronics to achieve best in class GPS performance coupled with pinpoint accuracy
Pinpoint accuracy you can count on.
Accuracy matters. The upro mx+ GPS performance and proprietary mapping techniques give you accuracy you won't find elsewhere. Because we show your actual location on actual imagery, you can always be confident in the distances you're reading.
Learn about ProMode pricing upro mx+ Quick Start Guide

Most Detailed Course Mapping Available
The upro mx+ device utilizes satellites and actual aerial photography in our proprietary mapping process to map each and every course in our database. We don?t believe greens and hazards can be defined by a couple of points on the course, so we map thousands of points per hole, providing you with the accuracy you?ve been looking for. The results can be seen through a more detailed visual of each hole and precise yardage markers.

High Definition Actual Aerial Imagery*
The upro mx+ utilizes actual high resolution aerial imagery to provide you with a realistic view of the course. All distances are super imposed on the imagery, allowing you to get the distances you need quickly to plan your next shot.
*ProMode must be downloaded to utilize this feature.

Superior GPS Locking
The upro mx+ utilizes an Omni Directional Antenna to provide the best in class performance and GPS locking. Rest assure that when you turn your device on before walking up to the first tee, once your GPS lock is achieved, the GPS will stay locked.

Battery Life
The standard upro mx+ battery is sure to last your entire round providing you between 5 - 7 hours of normal use on a full charge. For those who can?t remember to recharge their device after each round, we offer an extended battery (sold separately) that will last up to 11 hours with normal use on a full charge.
See More. Know More.
At nearly half the size and weight of most other devices, the sleek design of the upro mx+ allows for convenient one-handed operation that is easy to carry in your pocket.

A new multi-gesture touchscreen allows you to navigate the golf course and get precise distances to any landing area or hazard with just the swipe of a finger.

The full-color 2.2" LCD screen is viewable in direct sunlight and displays actual aerial imagery * and hole layouts in stunning high resolution.

*Available only in ProMode.
Learn about ProMode pricing
upro mx+ Quick Start Guide
Important Notice about your uPro Product

As part of our ongoing initiatives, Callaway Golf is fully committed to our core business of clubs and balls. With this refocused position in mind, we want to let you know that the website will be shut down after 12/31/2014.

Online synching for course downloads, updates, and course search will no longer be available after this date. We recommend downloading your 50 ProMode courses to your upro, upro mx or upro mx+ device before the 12/31/2014 deadline. The upro, upro go, upro mx and upro mx+ will still work after 12/31/2014 for Basic Mode, GoMode and ProMode, but they won't be able to download new courses or course updates.

Callaway Golf will continue to honor the limited warranties for all upro devices.

More FAQ for your device:

• Shot Tracking is permanently inoperable.
• No new course updates will be processed.
• The upro, upro go, upro mx and upro mx+ are not compatible with Windows 8.

For questions and more information on these updates, contact our support center at:

Thank you for using upro and supporting Callaway Golf!